Waldarry Festival 2014

This year we celebrated Pam's son BJ's 40th birthday, and we snuck in another cake for Daniel Sauter's sixth birthday which fell exactly on party day - July 19th.  BJ's three layer cake was created by Alex Perzel, and hostess Pam designed the cake for Daniel, working with Pat Sauter and Tori Perzel.


After two years in a row of brutal 90 degree heat, we had a beautiful day with a high temperature of 76o.  It was actually a bit chilly by fireworks time.

The good weather brought out our biggest crowd since 2010, with 139 people in attendance.  We had folks travelling in from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Boston, and of course the locals from Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

You can see a collection of photos from the day by clicking Festival 2014 Photos.  In addition, the complete fireworks video (17 minutes) can be seen by clicking Festival 2014 Fireworks Video.

Thanks to Jaya Surjadinata and Pete McCusker for adding to our photo collection.