Waldarry Festival 2016

This year's Festival brought 102 people together on July 16th to celebrate the engagement of Larry Waldman and Katie Beltrone!


The forecast was spectacular - high about 90 degrees, and absolutely zero per cent chance of rain.  Wow!  Of course, at 5:08 PM we had the "impossible" cloudburst and 0.06" rain over about ten minutes.  We took shelter, waited 15 minutes, dried everything off, and were back in full swing with little time lost.  As to temperature, we hit a high of 95o just before the rain hit, but it was not a big issue as personal Waldarry Coolant Systems were available for all attendees.

We had guests from Seattle (that's Larry and Katie, of course), San Francisco (Larry's brother Billy), Phoenix (Katie's parents - shown in picture above), as well as New Orleans, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and locals from New York and Connecticut.

There were two rocket launchings, and we had another spectacular fireworks show.  There were two false starts to the show (nothing is ever easy), but then a perfect performance once it hit its stride.

To see a collection of still photos from the day click Festival 2016 Photos.  The fireworks (18 minutes) can be seen by clicking fireworks video.  We also have a video of a rocket launch (0:15) and Billy's toast to Larry and Katie (1:31).

If anyone has photos or videos to add to this collection, please send them to bob.waldman@gmail.com and we would love to include them!  We already have submissions from Pete McCusker, Peggy Beltrone and Sherry Scales, and we thank them for getting their efforts into our collection.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Quite a few folks ask about the history and evolution of the Waldarry Festival.  It is available on this www.waldarry.com website (from the homepage go to <photos> <general>) or simply click here to go directly to it.