Waldarry Festival 2020


This was a very unique year for us.  Festival 45 had just four attendees - Bob & Pam, BJ Wood and Amanda Grant.  This was the year of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  We had two potential dates scheduled but, in the interest of safety, had to give up on both.  So BJ and Amanda visited, with masks and social distancing, and we went with an abbreviated four minute fireworks show.  Because of the pandemic-related turmoil, Lee Greenwood and Home Free and the USAF Band Singing Sergeants remade "God Bless the USA" from their varied remote locations.  We felt this was the perfect match for our 2020 Fireworks Extravaganza.  So the Festivals continue, and we look forward to a full-blown Festival in 2021.

Click here for the 2020 Waldarry Fireworks Video (4:48).


SPECIAL NOTE:  Quite a few folks ask about the history and evolution of the Waldarry Festival.  It is available on this www.waldarry.com website (from the homepage go to <photos> <general>) or simply click here to go directly to it.