Waldarry Festival 2021


This was another sad year for us, with the COVID-19 pandemic still quite active, and the need to supress large crowds.  We put safety first, and decided to gear up for a spectacular 2022 (hopefully)!  But we couldn't just skip a year, so for the second year in a row, we created a smaller fireworks show, and invited only close-by family members.  Samantha, Andrew, Alex & Tori Perzel, as well as BJ Wood and Amanda Grant joined us for an 8-person Festival (+3 dogs, Marley, Mugsy and Brownie).  That was double the size of last year's 4-person Festival, so at least we were moving in the right direction.

We brought in a new game, Kubb (rhymes with tube), and you can see pictures of us competing.  There's also a dinner photo, a full "crowd" photo, and some fireworks still shots. 

Click here for the 2021 Waldarry Fireworks Video (8:20).



SPECIAL NOTE:  Quite a few folks ask about the history and evolution of the Waldarry Festival.  It is available on this www.waldarry.com website (from the homepage go to <photos> <general>) or simply click here to go directly to it.