Katie Beltrone
updated June, 2019

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I'm so excited to have joined the Waldarry clan..  I'm originally from Montana (even though that doesn't mean I'm ok with adopting a pet bear, like Larry thinks it should).  After college in Portland, I lived in San Francisco for several years as a financial analyst where I earned my CFA.  I then went to Notre Dame (Go Irish!) for my MBA before moving to Seattle and taking a job at Amazon.  I've been at Amazon almost five years now.

Now that we have Kenzie, my life as a working mom has become quite complex.  Aside from also having to deal with Larry (I'm not sure which "kid" is worse) I run the marketing team for Amazon automotive, and I try to run half marathons in my rare spare time.  I ran 20 of them in my twenties - I still keep in shape, and maybe soon I will convince Larry and Kennedy to run another one with me!