updated June, 2019

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I continue my retired life, and find plenty to keep me busy.  Just trying to keep this web site up-to-date is almost a full-time job!.  I spend a lot of time looking at Pam's great gardens out back, as well as photographing the varied wildlife attracted there.  We sometimes get to babysit our grand-doggies Taz, Bailey, Mugsy and Brownie.  We also keep busy preparing for the annual Waldarry Festival.  With Pam also retired, we work at finding things to keep us busy.  We spend a lot of time recording both family's genealogies, so that is likely to continue.

Billy and Larry continue to do fine but they are far away.  Larry is now married to Katie, and she fits in perfectly with the rest of the Waldarrys (that's a big compliment)!  Last year, on Valentine's Day they added Kenzie, the 13th Fabulous Waldarry!  All the other grandchildren - Alex, Tori, and Andrew III (A3).- visit just the right amount to be fun without driving us crazy.  Otherwise they're Samn and A2's problem - phew!

We still have a monthly poker game (see photo of the regular gang), so I do try to support the family (sometimes even successfully).

I continue to run a collection of internet-based sports pools (started in 2006) which helps keep in touch with many old friends.  Billy & Larry also have many of their friends in the pools as well.  If you're into sports check them out and come join us.

Anyway, please drop me an email ( and let me know you were here.  I'd love to hear from you!